Thursday, 31 October 2013

Not Quite Friday the 13th...

Be aware if I don't post regularly, because don't expect that to happen, especially with having to deal with two blogs in my own blogging time (and my blogging time is limited).

Anyways, Happy Halloween to readers of the blog (if there are any yet). As a little treat, I thought I should post some strips from a past comic strip in The Beano called Number 13, which was a popular strip in the Beano from the 80s to the mid 90s. To whose who aren't aware of the strip, 'Number. 13' was a strip which featured a group of residents who lived in a haunted house, and each character represented or had the personality of a spooky character. It is sort of a strip (a la) a dysfunctional family.

The featured characters were:

  • Boris- The son, a vampire.
  • Dad- Boris' father, also a vampire.
  • Frankie- The butler, a Frankenstein like character.
  • Mum- Boris' mother, also a vampire.
  • Gran- Boris' grandma, a witch.
  • Tiddles- One of their pets, a Smilodon (or Sabretooth Cat).
  • Fiendish- Their other pet, a bat.

Despite having almost a complete set of 1980s Beano issues; with almost each year having completed issues--1987 is the year which I have very few issues from in my current collection. I only have some 1987 issues particularly later on in the year, and I'm afraid I currently do not own the very first appearance of these characters (4 April 1987, issue #2333)...hopefully one day. However, I posted the earliest strip which I have in my collection: from Oct. 24, 1987.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the strip myself, and it never really brought much to my attention unlike other strips, but doesn't stop me from enjoying the artistic talents of John Geering, who drew the strip. John's cartoon style is is so right for comics. It has a very wacky and punchy feel that you don't really get too much from the other sort of has a Tex Avery feel to it, even including the gags.

I hope to do some future posts about him regarding his work: especially on Bananaman or Mutt n Moggy from The Dandy.

Enjoy these strips.

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